Prowlmail is the official service for getting email messages to be push notifications within Prowl. This document describes how you can use your Prowlmail address.

Getting your address

You can create an API key and copy its associated email address on the API keys page.

Your address will be in the form

Using your address

You can use your address wherever you would normally use an email address. Put it into an email notifications field on a website, or forward your email to it for instant notification.

Option flags

For more advanced uses of Prowlmail, you can configure what Prowl does based on the email format.

Address usernames are defined as follows: apikey[[+priority][-options]]

Priority can be any of the following values: -2, -1, 0, 1, and 2.

Option values are as follows, separate multiple values with periods (.):


The following examples use the invalid API key zzz as an example.

Notification format

Prowl will deliver the notification as follows:

Google Voice

After you acquire your Prowlmail address, you can set up Google Voice notifications using the following steps:

  1. Make sure Google Voice has "text forwarding" enabled and set to your email address.
  2. In Gmail, create a new filter.
    • You can use any other email service, too.
    • The email service just has to preserve the 'From' like Gmail does.
  3. Set the From to OR
  4. Forward the message to your Prowl email address

Prowl will clean up the incoming message from Google to maximize readability and pushability.

If you want Prowl to automatically redirect to the email reply address for SMSes, and to the voicemail playback for voicemail messages, add +-redirect to the end of your API key. Your address will look as follows:

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