This is the privacy policy for This policy applies to information collected both on this webpage and through the API. It does not, however, cover the unofficial applications which may be generating the content.

This policy is effective August 10th, 2009. Changes can be found below in the "Changes" section.

Information collected


When visiting this webpage your information such as your browser details, date and time of visit, etc., are stored through the Google Analytics application. This only applies to visits to the website in a web browser, and not when submitting notifications from the Growl plugin or through the API.


The information you provide when registering (your username, password and email address) or when updating your settings are stored on the server. We will never share your email address with a third-party. Your password is stored using an asymmetric encryption algorithm. In other words, nobody can recover your password.

Notification delivery

Notifications (messages sent from the Growl plugin, or over the API) are delivered to the Prowl server over SSL/TLS, and are not available in plain text except on the server. The Prowl server will communicate your notifications to a few destinations, all of which use SSL/TLS:

The contents of your notifications will never be shared with a third-party outside of the services listed above. We only view the contents of your notifications if absolutely necessary, such as when we're diagnosing a problem/bug which requires printing the contents of notifications.

User-identifiable information

Your IP address is stored on the Prowl servers, but only for applying a rate limit. No logging exists that links an IP address to notifications delivered. Logging of requests will only occur when an error condition occurs.

Your notifications are stored in plain text on the Prowl server until such a time as you delete your account, delete the notification inside the Prowl application, or the notifications expire and are automatically removed. When on the server, your notifications link the information stored to your account. See the "Information removal" section below.

Information storage (on your computer)

A cookie is stored on your machine from two locations. The first is from Google Analytics (see the "Statistics" section above), which stores a cookie to uniquely identify you for the use of statistics.

The second cookie is stored by the Prowl servers. This session cookie allows the Prowl server to identify you and allow you to modify your account and its information on the webpage.

Information removal

You can at any time remove your account, which also permanently and irretrievably removes the notifications, settings, and other information about your user account from the Prowl servers.

When you remove a notification from the Prowl application, it also removes the notification from the Prowl server. From the settings page (when logged in) you can remove the email address tied to your account.

Backups are saved on a daily and weekly basis. When you remove information such as your account or notifications, these backups do not retroactively accept the removals. Therefore, your data is still preserved in the backups until they are replaced by more recent backups within a week.

Children under 13

This website is not directed at children aged 13 or below. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information about children under 13.


Contact information can be found on the About page. Please send us any concerns, questions or problems you have so that we can help you resolve any issues.


We reserve the right to make any changes to this document. A full list of changes is available below:

This document was last updated on 2009-11-18.

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