You can use Prowl in versions of Growl 1.1 and later.

Growl 2.x

Prowl is included in Growl 2.0 and above! You don't need to install anything; you just need to set up the plugin.

  1. Go to the Displays preferences in Growl and select Prowl on the left under Actions.

    The Prowl settings within Growl.
  2. Click on the Generate button to add an API key to Growl and log into your Prowl account.

  3. Under the Default Actions option on the top, click on "Prowl".

Growl 1.1.x

Really there's just a few easy steps, don't be discouraged by the pictures. You'll get it, I'm sure. Don't forget to set your default style to Prowl when you're done!

There are two components to Prowl: the application running on your iOS device, and the Growl plugin. Installing the Growl plugin on your Mac only takes a few steps.

If you're looking for information for setting up Growl for Windows, head to the FAQ.


You need a few things before you get started:

Installing the Growl plugin

  1. Download the Growl plugin, version 1.1 (history)

    This version is fully compatible with Growl 1.1.x–1.4.x. Prowl is included in Growl 2.0.

    If you need to, run it after it downloads. You'll find a volume mounted that looks like this:

    The DMG window for the Prowl growl view.

  2. Double-click Prowl.growlView; Growl will install it for you. You should see a dialog like this:
    A confirmation dialog from Growl which says, 'Plugin 'Prowl' has been installed successfully. Do you want to configure it now?
    Click "Yes" and Growl will open its preferences. If you don't see the dialog, you need to install Growl, or you may need to restart your machine if you've recently updated Growl to the Mac App Store version.

Setting up the Growl plugin

Prowl's settings can be found in:

  1. Growl
    1. Display Options
      1. Prowl (in the left-hand side list)

The first time you install the plugin, Growl should take you directly to it.

  1. Prowl's preferences inside Growl should look something like this:
    A screenshot of the Prowl Growl preferences inside of the Growl prefpane.

  2. Enter your Prowl username and password into the Prowl preferences. Click the Verify button when you're done, and your password will be checked for you. You should see confirmation that looks like this:
    A screenshot from the Prowl Growl preferences, which shows the username and password being entered and verified to be correct with a checkbox next to the password.

  3. With your information set in the plugin, any events which are set to use the Prowl display style will be sent to the Prowl server. You can set an individual style from the main "Applications" menu inside Growl:
    A screenshot showing Prowl in the 'Display Style' dropdown inside of Growl's preferences.
    You can also set Prowl to be your global style from the "Display Options" preference:
    A screenshow showing Prowl in the 'Display Style' global prefernece inside of the 'Display Styles' tab inside Growl preferences.
    The global style setting is your best bet. It causes all notifications inside Growl to be sent through Prowl, which is almost always what you want. You can tell Prowl how to limit what it sends via its plugin preferences.

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